Beeton Horticultural Society’s 2017 Highlights
What a year we have had! Great speakers and wonderful members, that is what makes our society so great!
We started 2017 off by learned all about succulents and cacti big thanks to Dave Naylor and had a virtual tour through some spectacular gardens, our guide was our very own Barb Northwood.
Tara Nolan the author of "The Raised Garden Revolution" inspired us to think outside or rather inside the box. Master Gardener, Tracy Bosley from the Alliston Horticultural Society showed us what low maintenance gardens were all about.
We pitched in, to clean up our community gardens. This is an annual event for the BHS which reinforces our community spirit.
In June we caravanned our way to The Plant Paradise Country Gardens in Caledon, where we participated in a walking tour of their spectacular gardens.
September’s meeting turned out to be very popular we learned all about garlic from Bart Negal and in October Lee Valley dropped by to share tips and tools for the home gardener.
Our last meeting of the year ended with our Annual Potluck and Harvest Auction. This was a great success where we relax and enjoy each other’s company, ending the evening with a well-spirited auction where we raise money for our society.
2018 will bring some changes to the society, we say goodbye to our Presidents Marieanne Baxter and Marsha Hardwick after many years with the society they have decided to step down, handing the reins over to Liza Williams. We thank all members for their support over the year and we are looking forward to 2018.
Happy Gardening,
Beeton Horticultural Society