The History of Beeton Horticultural Society
Founded 1925

1854 to 1973 The Story of Ontario Horticultural Societies 1854-1973, published by the OHA
1925 founded with 60 chartered members
1967, 111 members
Flower beds planted on main street since 1940 and at public school
Flower shows since 1931
1967 street signs made & installed; house numbers undertaken
Centennial flower show had a special section for juniors
1993, OHA Annual Report
July 1, 1993 received the “Parks, Recreation and Culture Department of the Corporation of the Town of New Tecumseth” with sincere thanks from George M. McCague, Mayor for tending and maintaining the town gardens
1995 to 1996 OHA Annual Report
Won the Green Streets of Canada Award for tree planting
Planted 62,300 (2000 large ones) over 2 years with a donation of $43,000 from Green Streets Canada and $25,000 from the town
By-law passed by town of New Tecumseth Township that any tree cutting must be approved by the Horticultural Society
Driving force of this project was Shauneen MacKay
1996 to 1997, OHA Annual Report
102 members
Planted and maintained planting sites at churches, cemetery, park and fair grounds as well as hanging baskets and 13 barrels around town
Entered floats in the Bond Head and Bradford Christmas parades
Major accomplishment was the completion of the second side of the Arboretum with flower beds, cedar hedge and 4 memorial trees
Booth set up at the Trade Show in Bradford to make the public more aware of the horticultural society
1997 to 1998, OHA Annual Report
127 members
Major project was the Honey Festival
Main street closes with over 70 exhibitors
“Green Streets Canada Program” was successfully completed
Total cost was $106,000 – 61,900 seedlings, 2050 large trees and shrubs and 30 huge trees were planted
Received “first prize” in the non-commercial section of the Christmas Santa Clause parade
2003 to 2004, OHA Annual Report
Donated $2000 to the new library where a garden was designed, plants purchased and planted
Maintained gardens and barrels throughout the town