Events - Dahlias by YS Floral & Gifts, Carolyn Young

CAROLYN YOUNG – YSFlorals and Farm
15534 Mount Pleasant Road
Caledon ON

(905) 452-4575

I have been a lover of flowers for my life. When I retired three years ago my daughter and I started YSFlorals and Farm. Growing flowers and creating a new floral business since I retired means I get to enjoy the creative side of flower arranging and enjoy the exercise I get farming my own flowers. I also love everything I have learned starting a business from scratch and being able to create beautiful things around me. I also love learning throughout my life and by entering into this new field there are endless things to learn and keep life exciting. I am mostly self taught and listen to anything I can get my hands on to learn more about florals and floral farming.

In our business we do wedding and events as well as various workshops and we sell flowers to local businesses and floral shops and sell bouquets at our floral stands in Colgan and Caledon. We will be heading into our fourth year and each year we have had our challenges but we continue to grow and learn.Our specialty is growing dahlias and lisianthus, but I also grow many other flowers from seed. I grow in a 50X50 foot fenced area in my backyard, and a few other gardens throughout my property. I am amazed at how much you can grow in this small space. Anytime someone says something is hard to grow I have to try it. I love seeing thing grow in my basement in the dead of winter.

In the spring and summer my backyard plot is filled with beautiful flowers and the buzzing of bees. It's a lot of work I but I have so enjoyed starting a new business at 55. It keeps me healthy and in touch with nature, as well as keeps me creative. I love designing with my flowers I grow, they are so much nicer than what you can purchase.

When I was working full time I also completed my training at Adler Graduate Professional School to become an Adler Certified Coach. I love helping and mentoring people and love doing workshops at my home where I have a beautiful outdoor studio built. My main goal in starting our business is to have fun and share our knowledge with others!

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